We are the Davis Family

Peyto Lake, Alberta

Hi guys! We recently traveled to Alberta, Canada, and since returning I’ve had an overwhelming amount of questions and comments about our travels there. I decided to create this blog as an outlet to discuss our travel experiences to help inspire others who would be interested in similar travels.

Bow River Falls, Banff, Alberta

My name is Lauren Davis, 27 year old wife and mama from small town, Oklahoma. My goal with this blog is to share my passion for family and couple travels, and my love of capturing the memories through photography. Growing up, my mom always made it a priority to plan family vacations with my dad, brothers, and I, sometimes just mother/daughter trips. She loved to travel, but has recently missed out a lot because of her health issues. She isn’t able to travel much and when she does, she isn’t able to get out and do much at all. All of my life I’ve heard people say, “when the kids get older we will travel,” or “when I retire I will get out and see things.” My mom is less than 50 years old and I know she is so thankful that she didn’t put those experiences off. In fact, I’m sure she wishes she would have traveled more when she was healthier.

If you know me at all, you know that I am the one always taking pictures. I love to capture memories for all of those around me. My love for photography started in High School when I joined yearbook. My yearbook teacher, Mrs. Hale, taught me so much and I will forever be grateful to her for helping me find something that would end up bringing me joy for many years to come. All of the pictures you will see here were either taken by me, my husband, our 6 year old daughter, or the random stranger that I asked to take our picture as a family.

You can follow me on Instagram for a deeper look into who I am! https://www.instagram.com/lauren.chicandeats/

Jt at Lake Louise, Alberta

I got so lucky when I married my husband, Jt. We both share a love of getting out and seeing things. Jt works hard on a daily basis owning and operating an oilfield construction company. He is on call 24/7, so when we get the opportunity to get away for a bit, it is so nice. Our ideas of where to travel aren’t always the same, but we try to comprise and find things on each trip that we both enjoy.

Claire in Jasper National Park.

My daughter, Claire is 6 years old. She has been an adventure lover from the very beginning. I think she went on her first, week long girls-road-trip when she was 1 year old and had no problem keeping up. Since we live in a small town in Oklahoma, my husband and I want her to experience as much as possible when growing up, so that her perception of life and people isn’t small. We want her to have the confidence to be able to leave home when she is older and be able to go anywhere she wants to go in life and not be afraid of it. She is awesome and you will see lots of pictures of her!

Stay tuned for my first post about our trip to the National Parks in Alberta, Canada. It’s going to be very detailed, so it may take me a little while

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